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Wizards and Warriors South Bay Area Summer Camp for Kids & Teens


Wizards and Warriors offers an outstanding educational Summer Camp for kids and teenagers in the South Bay Area, CA and surrounding areas. 

Our camp is the ultimate in social gaming, group-based problem solving, strategic learning and story telling in the tradition of Dungeons and Dragons role playing games. We offer recreational events, game related arts and crafts, Medieval dance and combat presentations, and more! 

Organic based, healthy foods are offered through Foothill College Food Services. Enjoy a Renaissance Fair environment, hang out in a Medieval tent, have many adventures, become a hero and make new friends with us. We await your arrival!


Imagine a field of beautiful multi colored tents where kids create their own banner and sigil and fly it above their tent. Councilors dressed as monks, bards, knights and wizards walk through the camp carrying books, dice and miniatures. 


Each group of adventurers works together to create the collective story of mystery, awe and drama. On the hero’s journey each kid learns the importance of bravery, sacrifice, chivalry and honor and the importance of working as a team to overcome collective challenges to achieve your ultimate goals.